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Speeches that have impact. Words that are remembered.

Why Feschuk.Reid?

You know when you've heard a great speech. Now you can know how it feels to deliver one - to hear the applause continue beyond what politeness demands.

Working with C-level executives, political figures and senior leaders at government agencies, we craft speeches that leave a lasting impression and make you look good. Our clients speak with clarity, power, eloquence.

A speech can influence the course of events and careers. It can alter the future of an organization - and shape the reputation of the speaker. That's why so many corporate and political leaders in the United States have full-time speechwriters of their own.

In Canada, the task of speechwriting is usually offloaded on well-meaning employees who lack the skill of an accomplished writer. The result? Zzzzz. That's where the experienced professionals at Feschuk.Reid come in.

Crisis? We can help. Need to be funny? We can help with that, too. Annual meeting speeches? We can make them less boring. (Unless you want your annual meeting speech to be boring, in which case... actually, we can do that, too.)

Whatever the need, our writing captures your unique voice and addresses your specific needs and goals. We help you convey a sense of purpose and a voice of power - whether you're speaking before the Canadian Club, shareholders, an industry conference or any other audience.

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